Embroidered Fairy Wings

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Ever wished to fly off on an adventure on fairy wings, well now you can. These colorful fairy wings are worn like a backpack with adjustable straps, they are light weight, and poseable meaning you don’t have to worry about someone running into them and damaging them. These wings are available in the following colors.


Jewel Tones:  1) Red, 2) Gold, 3) Green, 4) Blue, 5) Purple, 6) Black with Golds, 7) Black with Rainbow, 8) Black with Greens, 9) Black with Blue+Purple


Pastels: 10) Pink, 11) Pale Yellow, 12) Yellow, 13) Light Green, 14) Light Blue, 15) Light Purple, 16) White with Golds, 17) White with Rainbow, 18) White with Greens, 19) White with Blue+Purple


All Wing colors are available in a plain version as well, see Decorate Your Own Fairy Wings.


*All wings are made to order and colors may vary from picture.