Lace Unicorn Horns

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Horns Available online starting 6-21, Available on site at DCC 6-17/6-19


The Story:

Finespun Fables came about with the idea of making a line of lace accessories based on fables and stories of old. Unicorn Horns are only the beginning, if all goes well we will soon have dragon horns, animal ears, elf ears, fin like ears in the works; and that’s just to start.


• Each Lace Unicorn Horn is 1.5 inches wide at the base and stands 4 inches tall.

• They come in either black or white with a rainbow spiral, but there is a limited option to choose your own colors.

• Each horn has a second spiral of rainbow gems.

• All horns are flexible and durable. They just look more delicate than they are!

• You get your choice of hair clips or elastic.

• All chain and metal is nickel free.

• The tube they are shipped in doubles as a storage container to keep them safe when not being worn. Containers can hold up to 2 horns and all their pieces.